Orienteering Day 3

We had a middle distance course today. Navigation was trickier than the last two days; there are steeper hills and many cliffs. The vegetation was denser too but a bonus was that the views during the event were amazing. The event began from the top of a hill that many people climb to to see the midnight sun. The view north is out over the sea and the coast can be seen stretching into the distance. There are also a collection of little islands popping out of the water.

Chris came 2nd today with only 50 seconds between him and the winner. I mad some more navigational blunders and finished about the same time as yesterday at approximately 1 hr 22 s. Emily had a mixed run helping her mum to a few of the controls and then getting distracted when we called out to her from the finish line. David and Frances were not over-joyed by their runs. I was asked twice were I was on the map by people who were lost. Once at the end of a period of lostness that caused me to hunt around on the wrong cliff.

We are in Bodo and arrivied at our campsite last night, meeting Emily’s parents at the airport. Our abode is a little red shack with rickety windows. It doesn’t fit five so I am camping around the back. We were awoken today and yesterday by passenger and military jets stretching their legs.

Emily has bought a pair of light weight clown boots to tramp in for our trip to Slovenia. She foolishly listened to Chris who convinced her that red is a good colour for boots. To be honest, they do look styly but she’d look better if she had a red nose, baggy pants, and face paint.