Camping Unstad

We are camping near the beach in Unstad in the Lofoten. It’s 1 am and until recently Chris, Emily, and I were fluffing around in the sunlight. The sun had been heading towards the horizon for a few hours but has given up. It will be rising again soon.

Midnight sun (Lafoten, Norway) resize


Today we went for a walk to “Monkey-boo”, a hut in the mountains. Chris was energetic and ran off to conquer a peak while the rest of us lazed at the hut in the sunshine. We tried to pluck-up courage to practice speaking german with a german couple but decided perhaps we wouldn’t as they seemed to be in a grump. On Chris’ return, Chris and I dipped our skinnies in the lake and we headed out to the car.

Funky bike (Lafoten, Norway) - crop resizeCris and Emily in midnight sun (Lafoten, Norway) - crop resize