Train to Bergen

I’m sitting on a train traveling through the mountains in Norway heading to Bergen with Chris and Em. It’s very pretty. There is snow either side of the tracks, big frozen lakes, and barren rocky patches. Every few seconds we enter a tunnel and then emerge again to a new rugged landscape. Very exciting. We are descending to sea level and our plan is to free-camp somewhere on the outskirts of Bergen.

Guildford and Brighton

Greer, Zoe, and I headed down to visit Kristyn and Pascal in Guildford in the weekend. Kristyn showed us around the town and then plied us with alcohol.  We spent the evening talking loudly while supping wine and playing board games. Today we headed down to Brighton to see the crowds and have a quick dip in the sea.

Tomorrow I’m off to Oslo, Norway to meet Chris and Em and do some tramping in Bergen.  I have far too much food in my pack in an attempt to get cheaper food here in London.  I suspect my pack is a tad too heavy. Fun adventures to come. [gmap lat=’50.820522′ lon=’-0.141693′]

A week in London

I’m in London.  Cass and I arrived on Friday night and the lovely Greer picked us up from Heathrow. It’s been beautiful weather since we arrived which I’m told is quite unusual.  My stay in London can be broken into two phases: the hazy daze of jet lag and post jet lag.  So on Saturday I wandered around the sites with Greer, went to Greenwich and ended up in Angel at the Slug and Lettuce with the cashmere crew. Had a good catch up followed by a meal.  The jet lag was gone by Monday and I met my Czech friend Darina and visited Greenwich again by boat along the Thames.  Another delicious sunny day. Caught up with Ben at a pub in Mayfair and then Annalie and her man at tower bridge.

London bridge by night.
London bridge by night.
Cris calls home
Cris calls home.
The cashmere crew at the Slug and Lettuce
The cashmere crew at the Slug and Lettuce.