Escape from the ham (Day 4)

What’s that horrible smell? Emily and Chris moved a piece of ham that someone had thoughtfully left to rot near the bivouac. I blamed the ham for the horrible smell for a long while before realising that it was the smell of our shoes and socks that was assaulting my nose. Yuck, I’m sick of everything smelling. I stink, my clothes stinks, the tent stinks, etc., etc.

Chris grinning (Triglav Nat Em and misty drop (Triglav Nat Walking through the mist (Triglav Nat

We struggled back up the scree to our favourite saddle in the morning and headed right, up away from the ridge with the exciting via ferrata from the day before. We walked in mist for much of the day and ended with another enjoyable via feratta route down through cliffs to the head of a valley that was shaped like an amphitheater, constructed from rock. Shouting caused an echo, echo, echo. Emily tried to dispose of me by firing rocks down from high above and I cowered against the cliff as they went whizzing past my head.

Animal close up (Triglav Nat

We camped in the forest further down the valley and had a delicious wash in the river. Yum, yum.


River (Triglav Nat Campsite amongst the trees (Triglav Nat