Pizza after work

Grit, Martin, Katharina, Branjo and I headed over to Grit’s after work and cooked pizza. The plan was to cook and spend a lazy evening together. It turns out Branjo is a closet pizza chef and he used our limited ingredients to produce three delicious pizzas. We drank red wine, ate pizza, and played a game of name the river, town, drink, etc. starting with x where x is a random letter from the alphabet. I was terrible. Perhaps I had too much red wine.

Martin and Branjo in the kitchen (Sonthofen, Germany) resize Martin chopping pizza (Sonthofen, Germany) resize Pizza chef working his magic (Sonthofen, Germany) resize

Above: The lads prepare pizza and serve it to the waiting hordes.

Pizza boys (Sonthofen, Germany) resize

The gang (Sonthofen, Germany) resize Branjo (Sonthofen, Germany) resize Smart Mart (Sonthofen, Germany) resize

Above left to right: Lasses in the kitchen (Martin excluded), Branjo takes a swig of his beer between swearing in Slovakian and thinking of rivers beginning with certain letters, Martin type smart.

Eating pizza at Grit's (Sonthofen, Germany) resize Eating pizza at Grit's 2 (Sonthofen, Germany) resize

Above: Us just before devouring of pizza. Below: Perhaps I drank too much red wine.

I may have drunk too much (Sonthofen, Germany) resize

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