A walk with the strong german

Karin, The Strong German, is back in Germany for a few weeks. Gina and I met her back in 2006. She lives in Martinique now with her man teaching French.

Anyway, I went for a walk in the hills with her and a friend Chris early in the morning. We left from Hinterstein and headed towards the Vilsalpsee. The weather was less than inspiring and we played spot the blue sky, which proved to be rather tricky. Spot the black menacing cloud was a much easier game to play. We had a hot drink in a little hut and decided to call it quits.

Cris, Karin, Chris (Allgäu, Germany) resize Chris and Karin (Allgäu, Germany) resize Chris and Karin walking through the forest (Allgäu, Germany) resize

Above left: Cris, Karin, and Chris at a little hut in the mountains. We took turns at guessing how old the hut is. Chris and I were amused at Karin’s outrageous guess of somewhere in the 1700s. Pahh it couldn’t be that old. We both guessed a much more reasonable late 1800s or thereabouts. It’s apparently 500 years old. Hmmm, history has a different scale here compared with New Zealand.

Above middle: Chris and Karin on a bridge. Yes, it’s true.

Above right: Walking down along the little track.

Tramping Hinterstein (GPSDATA-20100726_0532)-web

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