Kaikoura loop

Michael showed up in the morning at Olmec’s house and we set out to do the 160km loop that goes along the inland road towards Kaikoura and then back down the highway. The weather deteriorated during the ride and we rode over the Hundalee’s in a chilly rain. I think it was Frauke’s longest road ride and she handled it fine. It must be all the long missions over the European summer. Gina was also fit as always and it was her and I who took turns at the front of our little bunch during the last part of the ride.

In Puketa we stopped for some food (pies and hot chips) and managed to get a round of milos from the friendly camp site guy. To thank him I smashed his mugs on the ground after the bottom fell out of his little tray. We arrived back at Olmec’s fairly late and stayed the night there again.

Keen cyclists (Olmec's) resize Michael enjoying himself (Kaikoura area) resize

Above left: Keen cyclists get ready for a day of riding in the cold. Above right: Michael looking particularly healthy at our stop in Puketa.

Riding along the Kaikoura coast (Kaikoura Coast) resize

Above: Riding down the Kaikoura Coast.

Above: Relaxing in the “sun” at Puketa.

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