Day 6 – Flims to Furkapass

We drove back to Flims in the morning where Chris did some orienteering. Emily and I readied our bikes and then spent the day cycling towards the Furkapass. The weather was balmy and we were in good spirits as we headed off. After riding up a valley for some time we began to ascend to steeply to our first pass, the Oberalppass (2046 m). From there we had a nice long descent and then another ride up a valley. At the head of the valley we ascended Furkapass and were passed by the rest of the kiwis near the top of the pass. We ate cheese fondue in a little restaurant a few kilometres from the top of the pass and stayed the night there.

Emily and Cris are passed by a train while riding towards Oberalppass (Switzerland) resize Cris and Emily at Oberalppass (Switzerland) resize

Above left: Cris and Emily are overtaken by a train while riding towards Oberalppass. Above right: At Oberalppass.

Above: Descending from Oberalppass, Switzerland.

Tane gets some cheese (Furkapass, Switzerland) resize Cheese fondue for dinner (Furkapass, Switzerland) resize

Above left: Tane tries the cheesy fondue. Above right: Kiwis eating fondue.

Flims to Furkapass – Time: 5:18:18 Dst: 91.22 km Avg 17.19 km/h Max 74.59 km/h

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