Ride to Akaroa

Michael and I rode to Akaroa and back. However, old age and laziness prevented us riding the whole way. Instead we drove to Hilltop and rode along the Summit road, descending via Long Bay road to Akaroa. We ate some expensive tourist food and rode back. By the time we reached Hilltop again we were two puddles of sweat.

View towards Akaroa side of harbour (Banks Peninsula) resize Michael does repeats (Banks Peninsula) resize

Above left: View out towards Akaroa harbour. Above right: Michael does repeats while waiting for me to reach the top of the hill. Oh old age is a nasty thing.

Above: Cycling along the Summit road.

Riding to Akaroa from Hilltop with Michael_web[maptype=G_HYBRID_TYPE]

Above: Our route.

Hilltop to Akaroa via Summit road and back via bays – Time: 2:46:40 Dst: 54.54 km Avg: 19.63 km/h Max: 75.6 km/h

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