Hello Winter

Winter is on its way. The first snow has fallen for the season.

View across Freiburg resize View from Schlossberg (Freiburg) resize

Above: Snow in Freiburg. In contrast to the 23 degrees we had last weekend, this weekend we got snow…

Visitors from Kiwiland

Simon and Anita came to visit for a week or so.

A random list of some stuff we did:

– Simon and I went for a mountain bike ride up Schoenberg.

– We went wandering in the Ravennaschlucht near Freiburg.

– We headed off to see the Rhein waterfall in Schaffhausen (Switzerland), then headed over to Lake Constance. The following day we headed over to Liechtenstein and found some frogs. Then spent a night near the Klausenpass. Drove over the Klausenpass and headed back to Freiburg.

– We caught up with Oli and Jakob in town for an evening, missed the last tram home, so ran instead.

And now in pictures:

More green in the Black Forest (Germany)_resize Water fall 6 (Germany)_resize

Above: Some greenery in the forest of blackness in the Ravennaschlucht. We went for an afternoon stroll up the gorge and did a little bit of snapping.

Autumn colours (Black Forest)_resize-small

Above: And some yellow for variety.

Simon in the Black Forest (Germany)_resize-small DSC_0073_resize-small Weirdos 2 (Black Forest)_resize-small

Above: Simon and Anita my sometimes normal visitors.

Ughhh what is this (Lake Constance, Switzerland)_resize-small

Above: Simon was as usual thoroughly impressed with my cooking.

Beer (Konstanz, Germany)_resize-small punchbowl falls (Arthurs Pass 06) _resize-small

Above: Being good beer drinking Germans in Konstanz with Johannes. I would have posted a picture of the Rheinfall in Schaffhausen, Switzerland but to be honest the punch bowl falls in Arthurs Pass leaves it for dead, so let’s have a picture of that instead. No tourists, no silly Swiss flags, you don’t have to pay to get close to it. Hmm, perhaps it’s almost time to return to NZ.

Froggy hiding (Liechtenstein)_resize-small Yum, delicious lunch (Switzerland)_resize-small

Above left: Some twigs in Liechtenstein, or is there something more. Above right: A delicious feast. The Swiss do the best bread in Europe IMHO.

The sun again (Switzerland)_resize-small

Above: The weather in Switzerland was rather grotty for a bit but the rain cleared and we cruised up to Klausenpass.

Simon and Anita defile Klausen Pass (Switzerland)_resize-small Simon and Anita (Klausenpass, Switzerland)_resize-small

Above left: You just can’t take some people anywhere. The Swiss would have been horrified. Above right: Simon and Anita being a happy couple.

Let loose on the town (Freiburg)_resize-small

Above: Simon and Anita prove that we don’t need a silly tram to get back home in style.