Cycle Touring Schluchsee

Leonie and I went cycling in the Black Forest over the weekend. We headed away after lunch on Saturday in delicious warm Autumn weather. Our route took us out to Kirchzarten and then up a little quiet road to Thurner. From there it was off to Titisee and then to Bärental arriving at dusk. We had spent the day enjoying the golden leaves and the warmth. Probably the last good weather of the season.

We camped in the forest at the top of Bärental at a reasonably comfortable mossy little spot. On Sunday we rode down to the Schluchsee where we ate some apple strudel and sat for a while. Then we headed back to Bärental and up to Feldberg where we ate lunch. The gravel roads lead us towards Schauinsland and we descended from there to Freiburg.

Cris posing next to Titisee (Cycle touring Schwarzwald) resize Leonie in tent (Cycle touring Schwarzwald) resize

Above left: Cris posing in front of Titisee. Above right: Leonie tucked away in the tent in Bärental.

Leonie near Schluchsee 2 (Cycle touring Schwarzwald) resize Leonie near Feldberg summit (Cycle touring Schwarzwald) resize

Above left: Leonie riding near the Schluchsee. Above right: Leonie near Feldberg.

Day 1: Freiburg – Bärental 3:57:38 Dst: 57.93 km Avg: 14.62 km/h Max: 55.91 km/h

Day 2: Schluchsee -> Feldberg -> Freiburg 04:07:44 Dst: 70.1 km Avg: 16.98 km/h Max: 55.91 km/h

Cycle touring Schluchsee Day 1 Day 2_web

Above: The map of our route.

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