A visit to Freiburg

I headed over to Freiburg for the weekend and stayed with Jakob and Rebecca. I caught up with Anke for coffee on Saturday, then Jakob and I had coffee with Waltraud, and then later we went out for dinner with Rebecca and Waltraud. How very social of us.

Sunday was a ski tour from Stollenbaecher Hütte up onto Feldberg. It was amazingly warm and sunny. Yay. Basti, Waltraud, Jakob, Rebecca, and a friend of theirs came along. In the evening we had takeaways from Rose with Oli and caught up with Michael, and Tammy briefly. Also yay. So that’s the long and the short of it.

On skis (Ski touring Feldberg)Heading up to Feldberg (Ski touring Feldberg)Almost there (Ski touring Feldberg)

Above left: We headed off from Stollenbacher Hütte on a ski tour to Feldberg. It’s something you have to do at least once a season… Above middle: There was a little bit of new snow on the ground. Above right: Surprisingly it was super warm and there was no wind at the top.

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