A visit to Freiburg

I headed over to Freiburg for the weekend and stayed with Jakob and Rebecca. I caught up with Anke for coffee on Saturday, then Jakob and I had coffee with Waltraud, and then later we went out for dinner with Rebecca and Waltraud. How very social of us.

Sunday was a ski tour from Stollenbaecher Hütte up onto Feldberg. It was amazingly warm and sunny. Yay. Basti, Waltraud, Jakob, Rebecca, and a friend of theirs came along. In the evening we had takeaways from Rose with Oli and caught up with Michael, and Tammy briefly. Also yay. So that’s the long and the short of it.

On skis (Ski touring Feldberg)Heading up to Feldberg (Ski touring Feldberg)Almost there (Ski touring Feldberg)

Above left: We headed off from Stollenbacher Hütte on a ski tour to Feldberg. It’s something you have to do at least once a season… Above middle: There was a little bit of new snow on the ground. Above right: Surprisingly it was super warm and there was no wind at the top.

Ski tour Hohe Matona Feb 2014

The weather was good and Leonie and I headed off to Furkapass in Austria with the plan to ski tour up Hoher Freschen via Hohe Matona. We were a little topographically challenged however and realised at the summit of Hohe Matona that Hoher Freschen is still quite a way from Hohe Matona.

Anyway, a good ski tour up to the Hohe Matona summit at 1998 m with nice weather and nice snow. And a funky corniced ridge, and a scramble to the summit after depositing our skis.


Setting off (Ski tour Hohe Matona Feb 2014)Leonie crossing the river (Ski tour Hohe Matona Feb 2014)Leonie heading towards the summit 2 (Ski tour Hohe Matona Feb 2014)

Above left: We set off with much nicer weather than we had here a week ago. We headed up the same valley but headed up into the hills a little later than last time. Above middle: It wouldn’t be one of our ski tours without a little bit of ski carrying. Above right: We headed up to Hohe Matona which had a very cool corniced ridge which we stayed away from.

Cris at the ski depot (Ski tour Hohe Matona Feb 2014)

Above: We made a ski depot near the top and went on foot the last few metres to a little snow platform where Leonie waited for me while I clambered to the summit.

Summit panorama (Ski tour Hohe Matona Feb 2014)

Above: There was a great view on the last little ridge to the summit.

Us on our snowy ledge near the summit (Ski tour Hohe Matona Feb 2014)Leonie stops for a break (Ski tour Hohe Matona Feb 2014)

Above left: Posy photos at Leonie’s snow ledge. Yes, that’s grass behind us. Above right: We had a break half way down.

Above: Heading off to Hohe Matona.

Above: Walking towards the Hohe Matona summit.

Above: Skiing down from Hohe Matona.

Ski tour Gerenfalben Feb 2014

We decided just before lunch that the weather wasn’t all that bad and headed to Laterns just before the Furkapass in Austria. We went on a cruisy ski tour up towards Gerenfalben but didn’t reach the summit before deciding we should probably turn around.

Leonie heading off to see the wizard (Ski tour Gerenfalben Feb 2014)The sun comes out (Ski tour Gerenfalben Feb 2014)
Above left: We set off from the car park in snowy weather. Above right: But the sun came out along the way.

A nice day for a tour (Ski tour Gerenfalben Feb 2014)

Above: There was some nice powder once we got a little higher.

Going up some more (Ski tour Gerenfalben Feb 2014)Leonie going down (Ski tour Gerenfalben Feb 2014)

Above left: We turned around before reaching the summit as we didn’t think we’d get there before dusk. Above right: We skied back down through the forest trying to avoid the trees.

Above: Time to go down.

Above: Cris demonstrates how to ski.