Leaving Freiburg

I’m on the train heading towards Mannheim. A train change there and I’m off to the Allgaeu in Bayern to meet Ulli and Diedre. I’ve had a good time in Freiburg catching up with Julian, Jana, and their friends, Oli, Simone, Brendan, Julia and meeting couch surfers. And of course seeing Emily before she retreated to Trondheim. It would be nice to come back here at some point. With so much forest around the city, I think I could live here. There are many many mountain bike tracks and the road cycling doesn’t look too bad after all. Although, the lack of roadies could be not so good. There seems to be more software jobs elsewhere though.

Oli farewelled me at the train station and supplied me with two sausage-filled rolls (curry wuerst) for munching on the train. I have to thank Oli, and Julian and Jana for hosting me over the last couple of weeks. Very generous of them.

Ooooh, we’re travelling at 248 km/h.


Went to a BBQ with the Frenz’s and was entertained by Liederhosen wearing men playing oompa-loompa music.

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