Day 3 – Traverse through the hills

Chris, Emily, and I decided to do a mission through the hills to meet Tim and Aly at our accommodation down by the sea on the other side. We set off from Jaegervasshytta across the frozen Jaegervathet lake in sleet. My skating technique was a bit crap so Chris put me on the tow-line and I did my best as he towed me to the other side of the lake. We headed up the Stortinddalen valley and as we climbed the snow changed from thick and wet to drier and more powdery.

We headed up to the saddle in high winds and started to cross a wind blasted icy slope. Spindrift raced past our legs up the slope. I decided it was a little dubious so I stuck my ski crampons and crunched up to the top where we huddled behind a rock in the gale. We then skied down the Russeddalen valley in a white-out. After sometime we could see the sea and we skied down to the waters edge where our little lodge is. It’s very luxurious. Directly out the window is the water and to the right are racks of smelly fish ‘drying’ in the falling snow.

White out at the saddle (Stortinddalen, Norway) 2 resize Our hut by the sea (Lyngen Alps, Norway) resize

Above left: Chris and Emily huddling behind a rock for shelter in the white-out at the saddle between the Stortinddalen and Russeddalen valleys. Above right: Our luxury cabin. We’re staying right at the waters edge. Behind us are snow covered mountains rising out of the sea.

Home sweet home 2 (Koppangen, Norway) resize Moody evening in Norway (Lyngen Alps, Norway) resize

Above left: Cris with skis near the water. Above right: A moody view towards the fiord seen from our window.

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