Schauinsland König 2011

Today I rode the Schauinsland König. It’s a 11.5 km hill climb time trial with 800 m of climbing. The winner, i.e. Florian can ride it in under 30 minutes. I require a little longer as do Julian, Sebastian, and Nico who were also starting for our work group team (Team T2 Stern).

I was feeling rather tired as I rode towards the start line around midday. Was it such a good idea to stay up until 3 am the night before and drink red wine? My legs still felt a little rubbish after racing last week and running during the week. Still I seemed to start well and powered off up the hill. My legs behaved themselves and I kept a pretty good pace all the way until if flattened off for the last 4 km. I couldn’t quite hit the pace I wanted to on the last flat section but pushed hard and finished with a sprint in 38 minutes 49 seconds. I passed around 20 people on the ascent which was a good feeling. At one point some guy jumped on my wheel but I burned him off on the flat. Woot!

The conditions were pretty good. It was around 15 degrees at the bottom and 8 degrees and raining at the top, however it was only the last 100 vertical metres that were wet.

Julian crosses the finish line (Schauinsland König 2011) resize Cris and Sebastian at the finish line (Schauinsland König 2011) resize Sebastian, Nico, and Julian at the finish line (Schauinsland König 2011) resize

Above left: Julian crosses the finish line at the Schauinsland König. Above middle: Cris and Sebastian standing near the finish line in the rain. Above right: Sebastian, Nico, and Julian at the finish.

And now for some pretty graphs…

Schauinsland Koenig 2011 (Freiburg, Germany)_web[gpxspeedchart=show]

Schauinsland König 2011 0:38:49.2 Dst 11.55 km Avg: 17.57 km/h Max: 31.99 km/h Avg Cad: 75 Ascent: 800 m

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