Martin Busch Hütte – Day 3 Kreuzspitze

More fantastic weather. We left just before 8 am and headed up behind the hut towards a peak named Kreuzspitze. The snow had a hard crust as we ascended as Elmar cut the track in front of us. Soon we had other groups following us up from the hut.

It started steep and then flattened off before becoming steep again. Later, I started to worry that I wouldn’t be able to ski back down with the hard crust and the slope. Eventually the others made a ski depot and I waited by rocks a few metres below while they headed up to the summit and back down again.

It was an awesome view out across the mountains. Blue sky, no clouds, warm. I still wasn’t sure how I was going to ski back down though. It required a few sharp turns above a slope that ran out to what looked like a drop, then some traversing on the skis before another steep descent.

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Martin Busch Hütte – Day 2 – Similaun

It was another sunny day and at 7:30 am we were standing outside the hut ready to head off towards the land of pizza. We headed up the valley to the Similaun Hütte, crossing over the border into Italy on the way and stopping for a hot drink at the hut. Then we continued up heading onto the Niederjochferner. The ascent was straight forward. It wasn’t too steep and there weren’t any signs of any crevasses.

We left our skis at the top of the glacier and ascended the last section to the summit. There were icy bits on the way up and you wouldn’t have wanted to have fallen on the last ridge. I concentrated on not looking down to the left. Clouds had come in and it was snowing lightly once we reached the summit of Similaun, but it was good to stand there at 3606 m, on the border between Italy (well Süd Tirol at least!) and Austria.

We dropped back down to our skis and had a nice descent down the Eastern arm of the Niederjochferner in delicious powder. Then we cruised back down to the hut.

Heading up the valley (Ski touring Martin Busch Huette)Inside the Similaun Hut 2 (Ski touring Martin Busch Huette)

Above left: We headed up the valley and across the border into Italy (South Tirol) to the Similaun Hut. Above right: We had a hot drink at the hut.

Heading towards the Similaun Summit (Ski touring Martin Busch Huette)Sigi descending from Similaun (Ski touring Martin Busch Huette)

Above left: Then we headed up the Niederjochferner to Similaun. After making a ski depot we headed to the summit. Above right: We had a nice powdery descent down the Eastern arm of the Niederjochferner.


Ski tour to Similaun 11 March 2016

Above: The track log of our to Similaun. Map courtesy of Apemap and Kompass Karten. According to the GPS we had an ascent of 1080 m over 13 km and the round trip was 6.5 hours.

Martin Busch Hütte 2016 – Day 1 – Ascent to the hut

I went on tour with the Ski Club Bollschweil Sölden for a few days. There were six of us; Elmar, Rheinhard, Siggi, Birgit, Helga, and myself.

We drove to Vent in Öztal, Austria on Thursday morning. It was sunny as we left the car park around 11 am and ascended up the valley towards the hut. The sun was beating down on the snow as we climbed and at some point it triggered a mini avalanche above us to make sure we were on our toes. The falling snow didn’t reach us though and we continued onwards.

We reached the hut early afternoon and lazed there. I snuck out for a very small tour again and took some photos. The hut belongs to the Berlin section of the German alpine club and sits at 2501 m. It opens for the winter season in March until the middle of May and sleeps 81 people in the mattress area and 33 in beds. It is situated near the border to Italy (Süd Tirol) and at 3019 m above sea level to the South is the Similaunhütte on Italian soil… errr snow.

The ascent from Vent is about 650 vertical metres over 8 km. Apparently it took us 4 hours.

Towards the hut (Ski touring Martin Busch Huette)Elmar on the track (Ski touring Martin Busch Huette)

Above left: We set off from Vent around 11 am with plenty of sunshine and blue sky. We headed up the valley towards the Martin Busch Hütte. Above right: The track went up the valley perhaps 50 metres above the valley floor.

Reaching the hut 2 (Ski touring Martin Busch Huette)

Above: The Martin Busch Hütte is at 2501 m and is owned by the Berlin section of the German alpine club.