Freiburg twilight

It’s a warm summer’s evening and I’ve just got back from cycling around Freiburg. It was an entirely random ride. I zig-zagged through the Altstadt then up and down the river on the bike paths admiring the altered twilight colours and paddling in the glow from restaurants and bars. I was riding Jana’s trusty chunky-beast and the gently sloping streets allowed me to take my hands off the handle bars and coast back home through the leafy streets. Freiburg is a city of bikes and I was not the only one enjoying the warm air tonight. Perhaps, though, my ride was less purposeful than most.

4 thoughts on “Freiburg twilight

  1. Quite true, Michael, quite true. However, I do have some photos of dubious quality from my point and shoot camera. Sadly, I didn’t take my DSLR and so I have refrained from posting pictures in case they do not appeal to my readers’ subtle palettes.

  2. Well quite, after all one wouldn’t want to upset the discerning tastes of your readers. Especially around dinner time.

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