Heading to Norway

I’m in Riga, Latvia on my way to Norway. The plan is to meet Chris and Emily in Tromso and go ski touring in the Lyngen Alps over the next week. It seems the weather has other plans but we shall see. Chris and Em have a hut sorted out somewhere and some rented wheels.

I left Freiburg yesterday and traveled to Allgaeu where I caught up with the NTC and Faszi folk, Franzi, Kathi, Nils, Grit, Flo, and Gavin. We had a relaxed evening catching up while eating out in Sonthofen. I collected my skis this morning and headed to Munich airport.

Eating with friends at Relax (Sonthofen, Germany) resize

Above: Eating out at Relax in Sonthofen with Franzi, Kathi, Nils, Grit, Flo, and Gavin.

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