Swimming in waterfalls

Another couch surfing experience today. At 11, I met Maria and her friend Annika at the Hauptbahnhof. They’re both studying here in Freiburg and seemed happy to show a random kiwi around. We took the train for 30 minutes into the black forest and walked for about ten minutes before having lunch beside the track. It was probably the hottest day that I’ve had so far in Freiburg and we were glad to have shade from the trees. We continued walking pausing only to splash ourselves with water from a little fountain/bath thing.

Sometime later, after more walking and ice creams, we came to a gorge that we had been looking for. The Ravena Schluek (incorrect spelling, I’m sure) is a little gorge running through the forest. We walked down the gorge next to a stream that runs through the middle searching for a waterfall. Maria and I went swimming in a little pool below a waterfall and Annika got out her sketch book and began drawing us. We clambered around on the rocks up to a pool above the waterfall. As we returned the water flowing in the river suddenly increased as if someone had opened a dam further up. Very odd.

Maria and Cris beside waterfall (Freiburg, Germany) resize

Above: Maria and Cris next to the waterfall.

Feeling refreshed from swimming we continued down the gorge through the trees. It was much cooler than it had been earlier on due to the surrounding forest and stream perhaps. After leaving the gorge we walked back up a small road to the train station stopping once, opposite a hill full of sheep. We ate there and tried to discuss things in a mix of German and English. When Maria didn’t know a word, Annika could usually help. As usual I could understand more in German than I could say.

We caught the packed train back to Freiburg and exited into even more intense heat. It felt like Asia, a bit like when I arrived with Cass in Singapore. We headed to Maria’s flat and hang out there for an hour playing guitar and chatting. Then over to Oli’s and off to an Asian restaurant where we ate delicious food and chatted for a few hours. The others spoke in German and I listened understanding some of it and tuning out when the conversation became too complicated.

At some point Maria mentioned she was taking an online maths course and Oli and I spent the next 20 minutes scribbling on a napkin explaining how to integrate polynomials. I was amused. For some reason it appealed that I was sitting in a little Asian restaurant in the Asian heat of Germany discussing maths with someone I had only met earlier in the day.

A great day out. Thanks Maria and Annika for showing me around.

Waiting for the train (Freiburg, Germany) resize

Above: Annika, Maria, and Cris waiting in the heat for the train back to Freiburg. Below: Eating out at an Asian restaurant with Oli, Maria, and Annika.

Eating out with Oli, Annika, and Maria (Freiburg, Germany) resize

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