Ski tour Spiesshorn

Leonie and I drove out towards Bernau in the early afternoon. It was all a little grey and dull but we headed off on our skis anyway. We found some crusty spring snow and slogged up to Spiesshorn. Due to my premium map reading skills we almost mistook Herzogenhorn for Spiesshorn but by chance we discovered my mistake and ended up on the correct summit. As we neared the summit the sun came out and chased the dull grey away. Yay. We had a nice ascent through the last few trees to the rather flat top. After a brief pause we skied back down. The last part of the descent was truly awful. The snow had a crusty top and a smooth powdery base. Perfect if it were some sort of chocolatey treat but it was not. Instead it was half an hour of cursing, skiing in one direction, stopping, turning, skiing in the opposite direction. Nasty nasty.

The tour was according to my GPS about 8 km and took us 3.5 hours at a happy pace with break at the summit.

Leonie looking out from Spiesshorn (Ski tour Spiesshorn, Germany) resize Leonie on skis (Ski tour Spiesshorn, Germany) resize

Above left: Leonie at the summit of Spiesshorn in the Black Forest. Above right: Leonie on skis.

Cris and Leonie (Ski tour Spiesshorn, Germany) resize Sunset (Ski tour Spiesshorn, Germany) resize

Above left: At the summit of Spiesshorn… Above right: The sun was setting as we made the last descent of the tour.

Above: Skiing down.

Above: A map of the tour. You can see the excessive zig-zags that I made on the way down.

Cross country skiing Schauinsland

Jakob, Sebastian, Waltraud and I headed up to the Schauinsland Spur for some evening cross country skiing. We skied the longer of the routes. Despite it being evening the air was really warm. Spring must be on its way. Despite this the snow was actually really quite ok to ski on. We paused often along the way to look out towards the alps and as the sunset. Sebastian was ecstatic and spent the entire trip saying “geil… oh, geil”.

Keen skiers (Schauinsland spur, Freiburg) resize Sunset on alps 2 (Schauinsland spur, Freiburg) resize

Above left: Having a break on the loipe. Above right: We had an awesome view out to the alps as the sun set. It’s not often like this.

Sunset (Schauinsland spur, Freiburg) resize

Above: Sunset from the loipe.

Above: Unfortunately I still don’t know how to ski…

Ski touring Blüemberg, Switzerland

I headed to Switzerland early in the morning with Jutta, Elmar, and a few other keen folks. The plan was to go ski touring up to the summit of Blüemberg near Schwyz. The weather had other ideas. After a short gondola ride to avoid some of the climbing (we’re getting old) we started slogging. It snowed continuously and we could see very little. After a while a couple of Swiss folks passed us. We caught them up later on and they quizzed us as to where we were going. After a little chat they convinced us that we should abandon the trip. Apparently nobody else was attempting the summit as the avalanche danger was too high. So instead we turned around and headed down the mountain in the white-out into a valley. We skied out the valley and back to the cars.

Deciding to turn around (Blüemberg, Switzerland) resize Ready to make a turn (Blüemberg, Switzerland) resize

Above left: We decided to turn around after the Swiss locals in the picture warned us not to go further. Above right: Jutta about to make a turn in the powder.

Looking down (Blüemberg, Switzerland) resize Descending down the valley (Blüemberg, Switzerland) resize

Above left: Once we had descended some way the fog was not so thick and we could see a little more. Above right: Skiing down the valley.

Above: Skiing in fresh snow.

Above: A tricky little bit during the descent.


Above: And the map of the tour… You can see the summit we were trying to reach on the map.