Glacier 3000

Leonie and I headed to Gstaad in Switzerland on Friday afternoon. On Saturday I ran the Glacier 3000 run. It’s a 26 km run with 2015 metres of climbing. It starts in Gstaad and finishes crossing a glacier to the gondola station near the peak of Sex-Rouge (see map). I moved like a snail for the first 15 km as the course headed up a valley ascending only a couple of hundred metres. The masses passed me. Once it started to climb I had a better chance against the masses and did some power-walk passing. The best part of the race is the section at the end where the route picks its away along beside a glacier before crossing it. Leonie was waiting at the top and we hung around there for a while before walking down to the next gondola station and taking the lazy way down from there. We had a stormy night in our tent… due to it storming… The weather cleared around midday on Sunday and we went for a wander before catching the train back to Freiburg stopping for about 15 minutes in Thun – just enough time for me to have a quick dip in the delicious lake.

Cris at start (Glacier 3000 run) resize Cris crosses the glacier (Glacier 300 run) resize

Above left: Cris before the race. Above right: Crossing the glacier during the last section of the race.

Cris after completing run (Glacier 3000 run) resize Leonie and Cris at finish (Glacier 3000 run) resize

Above left: At the finish. Above right: Leo and Cris at the finish.

View across glacier 3 (Glacier 3000 run) resize Cris crossing water (Glacier 3000 run) resize

Above left: View across glacier. The last section of the race sidled along the edge of a glacier before crossing it. Above right: Cris walking down.

Cris looking down (Glacier 3000 run) resize Leonie (Glacier 3000 run) resize

Above left: Cris looking down. Above right: Leonie at the top.

Leonie and glacier (Glacier 3000 run) resize Leonie crossing water (Glacier 3000 run) resize

Above left: Leone with a view of the glacier and Oldenhorn behind. Above right: Leonie walking down.

Thun (Switzerland) resize Cris goes swimming in Thun (Switzerland) resize

Above: We had just enough time on Sunday to have a quick splash in the lake in Thun. At least I did some splashing. Leonie looked on with mild amusement.

Glacier 3000 Run Gstaad, Switzerland – 26 km/2015 m 3:47.22,2 (252/402 Men)

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