More cross country skiing

Two more perfect cross country skiing sessions. The first with perfect weather and the second with perfect snow. A road ride squeezed in the middle.


Awesome view langlaufen 2 (Freiburg, Germany)_resizeA birthday bike ride (Freiburg, Germany)_resize

Above: Perfect weather for cross country skiing, and not too bad for road cycling… How odd…


Yum, yum, some birthday cake (Freiburg, Germany)_resizeReady to set off (Langlaufen Schauinslandspur)_resize

Above left: I got older too and received a cake for my efforts. Yay, thank you cake-maker. Above right: We set off for a quick zap around the Schauinsland track. It was just under zero and the snow conditions were perfect. Nice and quick.

Above: Cross country skiing Stübenwasenspur.

Ski tour Feldberg from Stollenbach Huette

The first ski tour of the season. Jakob, Leonie, Walraud, and I headed up to Stollenbach Hütte and did a ski tour up onto Feldberg. The weather was a bit marginal and freezing at the top but still it was good to get out and remind myself how rubbish I am at skiing.

Trudging (Ski touring, Stollenbacher hütte)

Above: Jakob sets the pace.

Walking through the corridor (Ski touring, Stollenbacher hütte)

Above: A little corridor through the trees.

Jakob helps Waltraud with her boot in the freezing cold on Feldberg (Ski touring, Stollenbacher hütte)

Above: Jakob helps Waltraud at the Feldberg summit.

Above: Snowy corridor.