Tramping Hopkins Valley Jan 2015

I spent three full days tramping with Chris, Em, and Clare in around the Hopkins and Landsborough valleys.

Day 1:

We walked up the Hopkins Valley from Monument Hut to Elcho Hut. From there we headed up Elcho Stream and up to Chloe Col. We descended to a tarn just above 1500 m camped the night there.

Day 2:

We traversed South-West and camped on a spur some way below Mt Mackenzie.

Day 3:

We climbed Mt Mackenzie descending afterwards to Brodrick Pass. Then Chris, Em, And I headed up Mt Strauchon with many many pitches of a 30 m rope. We descended and collected Clare at Brodrick Hut before continuing a high speed trek out the Huxley Valley back to Monument Hut. We arrived just after midnight and stayed there until the morning.


Chris and Em enter a river (Hopkins Valley Tramp Jan 2015)Clare climbing rock (Hopkins Valley Tramp Jan 2015)Chris and Em kicking steps (Hopkins Valley Tramp Jan 2015)

Above left: We drove down to the Hopkins Valley arriving late in the evening, then drove into Monument Hut the next day, left the car there and walked up the Hopkins, past Elcho Hut, towards Chloe Col. Above middle: We had some fun rock to scramble up as we ascended to Chloe Col. Clare didn’t let her 4.5 month pregnancy slow her down. Above right: From Chloe Col we did some traversing and descended a little towards the Landsborough.

Vanishing over the ridge (Hopkins Valley Tramp Jan 2015)Tents (Hopkins Valley Tramp Jan 2015)View towards Mt Hooker (Hopkins Valley Tramp Jan 2015)

Above left: The mist and cloud emphasised the suns rays as we descended. Above middle: We camped near a tarn at around 1540 m above the Landsborough Valley. It rained a little in the evening but fined up the next morning. Above right: We spent the day traversing South West climbing into gullies and back out again. We had great views across the valley to Mt Hooker.

Descending (Hopkins Valley Tramp Jan 2015)Tents infront of Mt Trent 3 (Hopkins Valley Tramp Jan 2015)

Above left: We had a steep descent before our last ascent to the camp site. Above right: The camp site had a nice view towards Mt Trent. The sky was impossibly blue and looked delicious with the white snow.

Us (Hopkins Valley Tramp Jan 2015)Heading into the mist (Hopkins Valley Tramp Jan 2015)Getting ready to belay Em across snow bridge (Hopkins Valley Tramp Jan 2015)

Above left: We headed over Mt Mackenzie and down to Brodrick Pass. We left Clare there to amuse herself and Chris, Emily, and I headed up Mt Strauchon. Above middle: The mist came in a little but cleared again after we started pitching. Above right: We belayed across a snow bridge near the top and we had reached the summit. This is just before the snow bridge and looks more impressive than the summit itself!

Cris and Chris (Hopkins Valley Tramp Jan 2015)

Above: Then it was down down down. We made a speedy descent from Brodrick pass getting down from the pass to Brodrick Hut in 47 minutes. We then had a super speedy walk out to Monument Hut arriving there just after midnight.

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Above: A map courtesy of The coloured tracks show our route. The missing bits show where my GPS battery was flat!

And the trip video:

And a few more photos here, or in the slideshow below.
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And a Google Earth file showing the trip with photos.

Tramping Hopkins Valley Jan 2015 – Images

Carroll Hut 2015

Katie, Kerry, and I hooned up to Arthurs Pass in the evening, arriving at Kelly’s Creek around 7 pm. From there we strutted up the track to Carroll Hut arriving just before 9 pm with still enough daylight to cook dinner. Yay. We spent the evening in the hut and then walked out along the Kelly Range the next day, dropping down to the Taipo and heading out to the road. The ladies were extremely efficient at getting a hitch back to the car, and then it was back to Christchurch in the evening.

Katie arriving at the hut (Tramping Carroll Hut)Little Katie in the land of big (Tramping Carroll Hut)Us 3 (Tramping Carroll Hut)

Above left: We headed up to Arthurs Pass in the evening arriving at Kelly’s Creek around 7 pm. From there we rambled up to Carroll Hut arriving with daylight to spare. Above middle: We walked along the Kelly Range the next day and dropped down to the Taipo river. Above right: Time for some posing.

Tramping Mt Somers

We organised a family tramp into Woolshed Creek Hut near Mt Somers. It was a family trip because we had Simon, Anita, and their little one, and Clare, and her little one. So it was me, Katie, Gina, and the families.

Walking 2 (Woolshed Creek Tramp)Descending to the hut (Woolshed Creek Tramp)Playing pigs (Woolshed Creek Tramp)

Above left: We headed into Woolshed Creek Hut for an overnighter with the little people. Above middle: The little people did well with a mix of walking and being carried. Above right: We hung about in the hut in the evening.

Cris goes fishing for his croc (Woolshed Creek Tramp)Tramping in the mist (Mt Somers)

Above left: Throw away Cris’s shoe was played on the way out the next day. Above right: It was quite misty on the way out although we kept getting glimpses of blue sky to tantalise us.