Arlberg Giro 2016

Another wet Arlberg Giro. It started to rain as we ascended to Arlberg Pass but unlike last year it wasn’t foggy at the top which allowed us to descend quicker. I didn’t seem to ride up the pass particularly fast. The descent was nice as usual. Water was coming from all directions in the bunch. A bigger group caught us up after the descent and we headed up the valley towards the next climb.  Not far from the Bielerhöhe climb my back wheel felt a bit squidgy and I looked down to see that I had a flat tyre. 🙁

Oh no. I lost about ten minutes changing the tube and many bunches rode by. I headed up the pass by myself being overtaken by lots of people. For some reason I’m always rubbish on the Bielerhöhe climb.  Markus almost caught me up and I saw him just a corner behind me. This motivated me to ride a little faster.

At the pass I pulled on my jacket again and headed down. There wasn’t much in the way of a bunch and I rode alone to start with. At some point I collected two other guys and we rode the rest of the long long descent together. I stopped at the drink station before the last turn to head back up the valley to Sankt Anton to get some much needed energy and tried to cramp horribly.

I gasped and groaned my whole way up the valley at one point loosing the bunch and having to chase back on to it. I was even a bit too pooped to try sprinting properly at the finish.

Still, I guess my time was ok considering the conditions and that I lost my good bunch and plenty of time by puncturing.

Arlberg Giro 2016 5:17:21.9

Arlberg Giro 2016 Results


Carbo loading with apple struedel the day before the race (Arlberg Giro 2016)Markus and Leonie stretching (Arlberg Giro 2016)Camping (Arlberg Giro 2016)

Above left: Carbo loading with apple strudel the day before the race. Above middle: Leonie and Markus made sure they were well stretched the day before the race. Above right: We camped in Pettneu am Arlberg.

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