Day 7 – Ride up towards Tremalzo

We went riding up the single tracks in the direction of Tremalzo for the day.

View down the lake from the cliffs (Lago di Garda, Italy) resize Chris cools off (Lago di Garda, Italy) resize

Above left: View along the cliffs above the lake. Above right: It was as usual very very hot. Chris made good use of the cold water flowing from this fountain in a little village along the way.

Day 6 – Heat, riding, ice creams

We headed up into the hills again and began our day of sweating. Our route took us towards San Giovanni where we rode in June. We turned left onto a little gravel track and rode up it until we were thoroughly toasted. We had a steep descent from Bocca di Tovo (1079m) on loose rocks that was a struggle to ride.  Then we descended by a fun rocky downhill that we’d done last time. Fun fun fun. It was 36 degrees in Riva when we finished and we bought ice creams which promptly melted all over us.

Lift off (Lago di Garda) resize Pink fixers (Lago di Garda) resize

Above left: Cris is sick of riding and decides to try flying. Above right: Emily with her pink fixers. Today was the beginning of a line of punctures.

Below: How not to eat ice-creams. We do our best to eat delicious gelateria ice-cream in the 36 degree heat. Unfortunately our best was not good enough and we ended up with sticky hands and chops.

Eating icecreams (Lago di Garda) resize Frauke starts the impossible task (Lago di Garda) resize Messy 2 (Lago di Garda) resize

In the evening we drove south and picked Chris up from a train station. He’s joining us for the next few days.

Driving through a tunnel (Lago di Garda) resize Emily, Frauke, Cris (Italy) resize

Above left: A tunnel. Who would have thought? Above right: Emily, Frauke, and Cris at the lake further south. It was still very warm at 10pm.

Day 5 – In search of trails (Lago di Cavedine)

We had a fairly unsuccessful search for some nice tracks today. Unfortunately they’ve bulldozed a new road through a forest north of Torbole that previously had some good tracks. We wound our way through the hills north of the Gardasee. Frauke sped down a track covered in shingle and larger stones. I stopped briefly to check how strong the trees were with my shoulder. Despite Frauke’s coordinated descent she made a uncoordinated dismount from her bike failing to unclip from her pedals while stationary. Yay.

Carrying bikes through the rubble of a new road (Lago di Garda) resize

Above: This used to be a nice little trail. Now it’s a mess of rubble. Boo hiss.