A short run

Mark and I took the metro line out to the island and went for a short run along it and back to our abode. I geeked for a while after that and caught up with Mark and Sylvia in the afternoon in the hills across the river in Buda. We went out to a funky bar in the evening with Phil and met some more Kiwis and other international types. It was a very funky arty bar. I’d show you pictures but they’re all rubbish ’cause it was too dark. I need a nice quick fixed focus lens…

Walking around Budapest

Mark, Sylvia, and I went for a stroll around Budapest from our spot at the Aquarium Hostel. It was a fairly undirected ramble and it was very odd seeing some of the same sights that Gina and I had seen three years ago.

Classy horses (Budapest, Hungary) resize Roof (Budapest, Hungary) resize

Above: The familiar sights of Budapest! Horses at Heros’ Square and the roof at the bath houses both looking very similar to three years ago. I think I took better photos the first time round…

In the evening we walked over to meet another Kiwi. He’s Sylvia’s friend -of-a-friend making him my friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend. He also turns out to be a couch surfer. He’s Phil from Auckland and is a very friendly guy, naturally, being a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend. He came down to let us into his flat, wearing a black singlet, with his Kiwi accent firing on all cylinders. Wooo. We went out with him in the evening to a bar and met some other Kiwis. The deal is that they’re all teaching English here in Budapest.

Fatty Hungarian dish (Budapest, Hungary) resize Kiwis unite (Budapest, Hungary) resize

Above left: Mark offers a fatty treat purchased from a little shop. Is this the equivalent of Kiwi fish and chips? These little numbers are large blobs of deep-fried dough smothered in tomato bolognese and cheese. Heart attack anyone? Above right: The Kiwis unite. From left to right: James, Phil our host, Aimee from Oxford, some weird guy from Christchurch, Mark (the) Hooker. Photo by Sylvia.

[gmap lat=’47.496052′ lon=’19.064662′]

Fun with trains

Mark, Sylvia, and I have spent the last couple of hours having fun with trains in Vienna. Our train from Graz was late and so we missed our connection in Vienna. We also got separated when I jumped off at a station near Vienna (the correct one) and the others stayed on the train. But we’re finally heading to Budapest on a later train.

Later: We’ve made it to Budapest and we’re staying at a youth hostel. We have a room to ourselves and it is quite comfortable. The price makes me feel quite poor but I am told that it is quite reasonable.