Delicious Lofoten

We spent the day exploring bits and pieces around the Lofoten. We stopped in a picturesque fishing town and had a coffee followed by lunch next to the sea. On the other side of the road was a huge rock face; giant flat slabs. We could see tiny people climbing the rock face high in the air. There must have been many pitches required to get to the top. It would be fantastic to go climbing here.

Camping Unstad

We are camping near the beach in Unstad in the Lofoten. It’s 1 am and until recently Chris, Emily, and I were fluffing around in the sunlight. The sun had been heading towards the horizon for a few hours but has given up. It will be rising again soon.

Midnight sun (Lafoten, Norway) resize


Today we went for a walk to “Monkey-boo”, a hut in the mountains. Chris was energetic and ran off to conquer a peak while the rest of us lazed at the hut in the sunshine. We tried to pluck-up courage to practice speaking german with a german couple but decided perhaps we wouldn’t as they seemed to be in a grump. On Chris’ return, Chris and I dipped our skinnies in the lake and we headed out to the car.

Funky bike (Lafoten, Norway) - crop resizeCris and Emily in midnight sun (Lafoten, Norway) - crop resize


We spent the day scrambling up a mountain near our camp site. The view from the top was amazing, a large drop on one side of the ridge into the valley below. We glisaded down a narrow snowfield for a hasty bite to eat. Emily and David headed down another route while Chris and I jogged back to our camp site to pack up and walk to the car with Frances who was waiting there. Luckily, Chris and I had our grippy shoes on which enabled us to walk down near vertical rock faces. At least that’s what we told ourselves as we pounded across the granite rocks.

We picked Emily and David up from another lake, had a quick dip, some apelsin saft and headed back to Bodo. We’re on the ferry currently, heading to Moskenes.

Later on: We are camping by a lake in Moskenes and have feasted on pasta with delicious sauce and salmon steaks.

Chris on razor ridge (Bodo, Norway) 1 resizeCris at the top of a mountain (Bodo, Norway) 1 resize


We picked up a rental car today and went for a drive. Visited the nearby maelstrom. It’s a big swirling current in the fiord that is created by water rushing in or out during the changing tides. Pretty but not as magnificent as we had imagined. Emily was imagining ships being sucked into a swirling vortex of seething water. Instead a power boat cruised up through the calm patch in the middle. Still, nice swirls.

We walked a few minutes from the road to a nice lake and are camping near it. I’ve decided that Norway really is quite dry at this time of year. It still hasn’t rained significantly since I arrived and we camped on a carpet of dry moss. It would be good for cycle touring.