Walking around Budapest

Mark, Sylvia, and I went for a stroll around Budapest from our spot at the Aquarium Hostel. It was a fairly undirected ramble and it was very odd seeing some of the same sights that Gina and I had seen three years ago.

Classy horses (Budapest, Hungary) resize Roof (Budapest, Hungary) resize

Above: The familiar sights of Budapest! Horses at Heros’ Square and the roof at the bath houses both looking very similar to three years ago. I think I took better photos the first time round…

In the evening we walked over to meet another Kiwi. He’s Sylvia’s friend -of-a-friend making him my friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend. He also turns out to be a couch surfer. He’s Phil from Auckland and is a very friendly guy, naturally, being a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend. He came down to let us into his flat, wearing a black singlet, with his Kiwi accent firing on all cylinders. Wooo. We went out with him in the evening to a bar and met some other Kiwis. The deal is that they’re all teaching English here in Budapest.

Fatty Hungarian dish (Budapest, Hungary) resize Kiwis unite (Budapest, Hungary) resize

Above left: Mark offers a fatty treat purchased from a little shop. Is this the equivalent of Kiwi fish and chips? These little numbers are large blobs of deep-fried dough smothered in tomato bolognese and cheese. Heart attack anyone? Above right: The Kiwis unite. From left to right: James, Phil our host, Aimee from Oxford, some weird guy from Christchurch, Mark (the) Hooker. Photo by Sylvia.

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