Cycle touring Bodensee

Leonie and I spent a frantic morning fixing her bike and getting sorted to go cycle touring. Just after midday we managed to escape Freiburg on the train to Titisee. From there we mounted our trusty steeds and promptly got a little lost. We headed away from Titisee by a little track that headed up into the Black Forest. After a couple of hours of riding around we found some more sensible signs. We headed down hill towards Lake Constance arriving in Schaffhausen in Switzerland in the evening. We camped the night there.

On Saturday we did a little exploring around Schaffhausen. I had a quick dip in the Rhein and then we went to investigate the Rhein waterfall. So did many other people. Then it was off for some more cycling goodness. It was warm. We headed along beside the lake directly before Lake Constance stopping briefly to swim with naked Swiss people. We found a nice little campground amongst a multitude of bad ones and stayed there the night.

On Sunday we continued riding around Lake Constance until we arrived in Lindau. After attending to our stomachs there and a quick swim we headed back to Germany by train.

Bridge across the Rhein (Schaffhausen, Switzerland) resize Cris and Leonie (Schaffhausen, Switzerland) resize

Above left: The bridge across the Rhein in Schaffhausen. Above right: Inside the castle in Schaffhausen.

Hay Bails (Switzerland) 2 resize Leonie beside the Rhein (Schaffhausen, Switzerland) 1 resize

Above left: The Windows XP field. Above right: Leonie by the Rhein waterfall.

Cris and harbour (Cycle touring Bodensee) resize Leonie checks her bag next to the Bodensee (Cycle touring Bodensee) resize

Above left: Cris at a harbour at Lake Constance. Above right: Leonie looks for a delicious calorie bomb (a chocolate muffin) in the bags beside Lake Constance.

Leonie beside lake (Cycle touring Bodensee) resize

Above left: Leonie next to Lake Constance.

Lindau (Cycle touring Bodensee) resize Bikes at the Bodensee (Cycle touring Bodensee) resize

Above left: Leonie in Lindau. Above right: Bikes next to the lake in Lindau.

Waiting for the train (Cycle touring Bodensee) resize

Above right: Leonie waits at the train station during one of our train changes on our return journey.

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