Kiwis in Lauterbrunnen

Simon and Anita stormed into Lauterbrunnen yesterday as part of their 49 day all-you-can-eat Europe tour. I caught up with them briefly in the evening and then again today. We decided to be ueber tourists and paid the highly excessive 146 Swiss Francs (inclusive of group discount) to get the train up to the Jungfraujoch at the “Top of Europe” (as they so often liked to remind us – perhaps so that we didn’t revolt at the exorbitant price we had paid).

Bears (Jungfraujoch, Switzerland) resize Eagles (Jungfraujoch, Switzerland) resize

Above: On the plus side they did have eagles and bears in a cave carved from ice. Of course it was teaming with tourists.

Simon is a moron (Switzerland) resize Simon is an ejit (Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland) resize

Above: Clearly Simon hasn’t changed a bit.

Simon is asian (Jungfraujoch, Switzerland) resize At the -Top of Europe-, Switzerland resize

Above: Much snappage at the Jungfraujoch. Simon does his best Asian impression.

Very Swiss (Jungfraujoch, Switzerland) resize Simon learns to fly (Jungfraujoch, Switzerland) resize

Above left: So very Swiss. Above right: Simon keeping the tourist industry running with a quick flying fox at approx. 3600 m.

View down the glacier (Jungfraujoch, Switzerland) resize View down the valley 2 (Wengen, Switzerland) resize

Above left: View down to glacier. Above right: The view down to the Lauterbrunnen valley. Quite picturesque really.

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