Ski touring Kühtai, March 2013: Day 1– Ski tour Pirchkogel

We drove down from Freiburg early in the morning to Kühtai in Austria and set up camp in the Dortmunder Hütte. We headed out for a quick assisted tour in the afternoon. We took the lift up the mountain and toured up to Pirchkogel (2828 m). It was blowing a gale on the top so we didn’t stick around and instead we floated down the mountain on the nice fresh powder. Actually, in my case it was more float, crash, float, crash so much so that my little GPS tracker manage to exit my bag and came to a cold death in the snow.

We hung out at a cafe for a while before Rolland, Christian, and I went for another little tour a few hundred metres up the hill before skiing back down to our hut.

Snowy mountain (Ski touring Kühtai)Walking up the mountain (Ski touring Kühtai)

Above left: Sun, and clean white powdery snow on our first day ski touring. Above right: We started a bit late after driving from Freiburg in the morning so we first took the ski lift up into the hills and then set off from there.

Christian on tour (Ski touring Kühtai)Ascending (Ski touring Kühtai)Christian at the summit (Ski touring Kühtai)

Above left: Christian seems to be enjoying himself. Above middle: More happy trekking. Above right: It was quite windy at the summit so we didn’t hang around long.

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