Ski tour Schwalmere

After a day of downhill skiing at Schilthorn in Switzerland a ski tour was on the cards for Monday. The plan was to tackle Schwalmere (2777 m) like we had attempted two years ago with Frauke and a similar bunch of people. However, unlike last time we were hoping that we wouldn’t require a helicopter rescue.

The weather was sunny and clear and there was lots of snow. We took the bus and then a small gondola up to our start point and ascended from there approximately 1300 m. The tour was easy going and was only slightly steep at the last ascent to the summit. The trail headed through forest to begin with before heading up through

All in a line (Ski tour Schwalmere Feb 2013)Yet more skinning (Ski tour Schwalmere Feb 2013)

Above left: We set off after a bus ride and gondola ride from Lauterbrunnen. Above right: The weather was fantastic. Blue sky…

Cris and the Eiger 1 (Ski tour Schwalmere Feb 2013)More skinning again (Ski tour Schwalmere Feb 2013)

Above left: …and a great view. Posy photos had to be taken. Above right: There were some funky rocky spires along the way and during the descent.

Last ascent to the summit (Ski tour Schwalmere Feb 2013)Cris on the summit of Schwalmere (Ski tour Schwalmere Feb 2013)

Above left: We’re not far from the summit now. Above right: Cris on the summit. Unfortunately my camera’s battery died just after this shot which is unfortunate because a photo, from the other direction, with the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau in the background would have been more impressive.


Reaching the summit (Ski tour Schwalmere Feb 2013)

Above: Waltraud leads the way to the summit of Schwalmere with a view back towards the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau.

Above: Descending from Schwalmere.

Above: And a little map of the tour.

Ski tour Hinterwaldkopf Feb 2013

Leonie, Jakob, and I headed off around lunch time for some ski touring fun. We parked near Oberried with the plan to head up to Hinterwaldkopf. It had snowed heavily over the last 48 hours and the ground was covered in a very thick coating of at least 10 cm of powder. We skinned up to the summit, happily following some already made tracks. At the summit we faffed around for a little while before enjoying the delicious snow conditions on our descent.

Entering the forest (Ski tour Hinterwaldkopf)Trudging (Ski tour Hinterwaldkopf)

Above left: Skinning up. Above right: Skinning through the forest.


Snowy tree (Ski tour Hinterwaldkopf)Cris 2 (Ski tour Hinterwaldkopf)

Above left: This tree looks rather cold. Above right: Cris near the summit.


At the summit (Ski tour Hinterwaldkopf)Cris and Leonie at the summit (Ski tour Hinterwaldkopf)

Above left: Jakob and Leonie at the Hinterwaldkopf summit. Above right: Cris and Leonie at the summit of Hinterwaldkopf.