Day 8 – Slaeom Hut to Bismo

We have just rented a little cabin in the village Bismo for the night. Strangely enough the cabins cost not much more than camping and as it’s around 12 degrees outside and we were cold from cycling we decided why not.

The day started in our glorious DNT hut in the Breheimen national park. Unfortunately the weather was doing silly things again. It wasn’t really nice enough to go on a side mission further into the park so we headed back out the way we had come in.

We collected our bikes and dropped the hut key in at Sota Saeta on the way back. Realising we’d be pushing it to get to the supermarket before they closed I did some speedy cycling arriving just 1 hour and 5 minutes too late. It turns out they close even earlier than we had thought.

A bit of riding and we found our cabin.

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