Wildkopf March 2014

We were feeling rather unmotivated in the morning as the weather was supposed to go bad, and the snow conditions had been so difficult yesterday evening. Still we set off to see if we could find some half-way useable snow. It was good that we did as we ended up summiting on Wildkopf (2719 m). It was quite a nice tour with a steep little section near the top. Leonie tried out her new crampons and we made it to the top. We even got some powder snow on our descent… We decided not to stay another night and packed our gear at the hut and skied back down to the car and headed home.

Leonie heading upwards (Ski touring Potsdamer Hütte)Leonie and snow (Ski touring Potsdamer Hütte)

Above left: The weather was predicted to go bad so we headed off to see if we could at least find a little bit of half way descent snow. Above right: Luckily the sun came out and thawed the snow a little and further up there was even a little powder.

Leonie on the ridge to Wildkopf (Ski touring Potsdamer Hütte)Us at the summit (Ski touring Potsdamer Hütte)Us at the summit 2 (Ski touring Potsdamer Hütte)

Above left: We headed up to Wildkopf. Not really because we had planned to but mostly because we were searching for nice snow and then came across a nice looking summit cross above us. This is Leonie on the ridge to the summit. Above middle: And this is us at the summit. Above right: And this is us at the summit.

Our lonely skis (Ski touring Potsdamer Hütte)Leonie getting ready for the descent (Ski touring Potsdamer Hütte)

Above left: Looking back down to our ski depot. We left the skis there and climbed the last section up the steep rinne (reports on the internet say 40 degrees) to the ridge. Leonie tried out her new crampons and I kicked steps in the snow as I had foolishly left mine at the hut. Above right: After a nice little powder descent for me from the steep little rinne near the summit we got ready to head back down to the hut. To our surprise we found quite a few nice powder patches and only a little breakable crust (a big improvement on yesterday evening).

Potsdamer Huette March 2014

Leonie and I headed off to Sellrain in Austria. Sellrain is not far from Innsbruck but more importantly it’s not far from the Potsdamer Huette which was our goal for the trip. We had our trusty skis with us and packed our not so small quantities of gear onto our backs and started the slog up to the hut.

It was an extremely sunny and warm day and it looked like the snow wouldn’t be around much longer down below. Still we had a 1000 m climb up to the hut and once we got a little higher it looked less like spring and more like winter.

We arrived at the hut around 3 pm, grabbed a bit to eat and then headed off again on our skis in the evening. The soft snow began to freeze and we had the nasty breakable crusties for our descent, which turned into a bit of a walk/ski.

Potsdamer hut has 24 beds and 32 spaces in the mattress area. They offer “half pension” and you can also buy a bunch of other things on the menu. Good.


Leonie heads off (Ski touring Potsdamer Hütte)Cris has too much gear (Ski touring Potsdamer Hütte)Heading up slowly (Ski touring Potsdamer Hütte)

Above Left: We set off from the car park above Sellrain just before midday. Above Middle: We were carrying quite a lot of gear. Some might say far too much. Above Right: The route to the hut was flat to begin with along a snow covered road. From the first car park to the second car park we gained around 400 m with the remaining 600 m to the hut coming afterwards.


Heading up to the hut (Ski touring Potsdamer Hütte)Potsdamer Huette (Ski touring Potsdamer Hütte)

Above left: It was quite pleasant and very very warm. Above right: We arrived at the hut about 3 pm. The hut is at 2020 m and despite the elevation it was still extremely warm. Perfect weather.

It's a sign (Ski touring Potsdamer Hütte)Leonie going up (Ski touring Potsdamer Hütte)

Above left: To make the most of the perfect weather we set off late afternoon for another little cruise on our skis.  Above right: The temperature began to drop and the snow began to freeze.

Nice panorama (Ski touring Potsdamer Hütte)

Above: We had great views of the surrounding mountains.


Leonie skiing down (Ski touring Potsdamer Hütte)Hut and snow (Ski touring Potsdamer Hütte)

Above left: The frozen snow was near impossible to ski down. We spent quite some time trying to ski in the breakable crust and cursing and swearing and hurting ourselves. Above right: The hut in the evening.

Snow again (Ski touring Potsdamer Hütte)Leonie at the hut (Ski touring Potsdamer Hütte)

Above left: This is the view looking across the valley towards Wildkopf which we climbed on Sunday. The weather was far better than on Sunday. Above right: And then it was time for dinner.

Night time 2 (Ski touring Potsdamer Hütte)

Above: The view from the hut up towards Wildkopf in the evening.