Ride around Säntis

Leonie, Markus, and I went for a little cruise around Säntis on our road bikes. The ride took us from Oberriet in Switzerland, around the back over the Schwägalp pass, and back down into the Rhein Valley. It was about 92 km of riding with around 1600 m climb.


Markus on the first climb (Ride around Saentis)Heading up to Schwägalp (Ride around Saentis)At Schwägalp Passhöhe (Ride around Säntis)

Above left: We started from Oberriet in Switzerland and rode out of the Rheintal. A long descent followed by a climb. Above middle: After the descent we climbed to Schwägalp. Above right: We posed at the top of the pass…

Leonie descending (Ride around Säntis)

Above: … before finishing the loop back into the Rhein Valley.