Ski touring DAV Day 4 – Silvrettahorn

It was another clear day and we left early from the Wiessbadener Huette. The snow was hard as the sun hadn’t managed to rise above the mountains behind the hut yet. We headed up the same way as yesterday onto the Ochsentaler glacier. Today it was much windier. We roped up and headed up towards Silverttahorn. The original plan had been to go to the summit and then traverse across to the Schneeglocke but some of us, including myself, weren’t so keen on the strong cold winds. Instead we toured up as far as we could with ski crampons attached. We made a ski depot and then swapped our ski crampons for regular crampons and ice axes. The ascent wasn’t at all technical but the last section along the ridge to the summit was very exposed. The snow hung over the side of the ridge making the ridge appear wider than it actually was. We took posy photos at the top and then headed back down. After a stop for lunch we skied back down over the glacier and out the valley back to the Biehlehoehe where we caught the bus/gondola combination back down into the valley. A nice end to four very good days of ski touring.

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