Arlberg Winterklettersteig 2018

Leonie, Jörg and I met in Sankt Anton for the annual Arlberg Winter-klettersteig. Annual because we did it last year too.

The weather was even better than in 2017 which is an achievement because it was also very good last year. The difference this year being that it was warmer on the ridge. The snow conditions were very good again. Like last year we took the gondola up the mountain getting off the Riffelbahn II at 2650 m. We followed the ridge up to the Vordere Rendlspitze and over to Mitterkarspitze. This year we descended to the right down to the Roßfallalpe. The snow was a bit heavy on the descent but generally ok. I face-planted once for effect. We then skied down the valley following with the Moosbach on our left until we reached the ski area.

Another nice trip.

Karhorn Klettersteig

Leonie, Jörg, and I did the Karhorn Klettersteig near Warth. Leonie found it much easier than she had in 2013 and completed not only the main route to the summit but also the harder west-ridge. The weather was good and aside from a bit of a traffic jam on the route it was good fun.

At the beginning of the klettersteig (Karhorn Klettersteig)A marker (Karhorn Klettersteig)

Above left: Leonie, Joerg, and I headed to Warth to do the Karhorn klettersteig. Above right: I took random photos.

Leonie climbing (Karhorn Klettersteig)

Above: Leonie found it much easier than in 2013 where we turned around soon after the start.

Leonie on a steel rope bridge (Karhorn Klettersteig)

Above: A funky rope bridge.

Us at the end of the klettersteig (Karhorn Klettersteig)

Above: We completed the main route and the harder west ridge.

Saulakopf Klettersteig

Katerina, Daniele, and I headed off to Brandnertal early in the morning. We took the lift up to the Douglashütte. From there we walked around the side of the hill and down to the beginning of the Saulakopf Klettersteig. It’s a nice route that leads up to the summit of Saulakopf. Brendan and I tried it out a few years ago. There’s a D section near the start but it doesn’t get harder than this. We ascended to the summit in the sunshine before heading back down to the Douglashütte for some refreshments.

View towards Zimba (Saulakopf Klettersteig)Us (Saulakopf Klettersteig)

Above left: We had a good view over to Zimba. Above right: Nothing beats posy pictures. Daniele, Katerina and I did the Saulakopf via ferrata.

Climbing near the start (Saulakopf Klettersteig)View towards the Luenersee (Saulakopf Klettersteig)

Above left: There was a short traverse to begin with before we reached the D section. Above right: The views were pretty nice.

Ladder (Saulakopf Klettersteig)Climbing (Saulakopf Klettersteig)

Above left: There is a long swinging ladder section that adds some fun. Above right: The route was happy enough that we all did some grinning.