A wander in the forest

Edit and I went walking in a forest between Győr and Lake Balaton for a few hours during the day. We followed a little shingle road down a cutting beside a river. We had lunch along the way and chatted about this-and-that. We were entertained by a bunch of young lads battling each other with stinging nettle as we waited by the train for our return journey. We had another sneaky ice cream in Győr on our return before driving back to Edit’s house.

Another evening and then my trip was over. The commute started with Edit driving me to Vienna in the morning before I flew to Switzerland and trained back to Freiburg.

Thank you Edit for a very nice weekend.

On the train in the forest (Hungary) resize Waving shadows (Hungary) resize

Above left and below: Heading through the forest by train. Above right: Waving shadows. We stopped on a bridge for a few minutes and tried to make our shadows grab people walking under us.


Running and visiting Győr

We got up early again to avoid the heat. I went running along the river and Edit cycled. We ended up at a nearby town and had a nosey around before heading back stopping to have a dip in the water. We visited an old-colleague of Edit’s in his holiday bach on our return and watched as he prepared a Sunday meal; a vegetable stew cooked in a wood oven. I snuck in a half-marathon, running 21.7 km.

Cris running (Hungary) 1 resize Ritchy puts food into the wood oven (Hungary) resize

Above left: Running next to the river. Above right: Into the wood oven it goes.

Cris looking tired after his run (Hungary) resize Mmmm yum yum (Hungary) resize

Above left: Looking a little tired after running. Above right: Mmm stew.

In the afternoon we headed into Győr and had a look around. It’s amazing to see the difference between rural Hungary and the towns. In the countryside it seems quite poor but the towns are in very good condition. We grabbed an icecream and had a look at some of the attractions. There was a festival feel in the air… due to there being… a festival on.

Edit in soft focus (Gyor, Hungary) resize Cris being a posy poser (Gyor, Hungary) resize

Above left: Edit in Győr. Above right: Cris being a poser.

It's mighty hot here (Gyor, Hungary) resize Cris shakes hands with the locals 2 (Gyor, Hungary) resize

Above left: It was hot-hot-hot. At least until a big storm came in the evening. Above right: Cris being a poser… again…

Off to Hungary

I trained to Basel and then flew to Vienna on Thursday evening. The lovely Edit picked me up from the airport and we drove back to her home town in Győr, Hungary. I’m staying here until Monday.

There’s a massive heat wave in Hungary just at the moment. Today, we headed to Lake Balaton a couple of hours away from Győr. We left early to try and avoid the extreme heat. We didn’t succeed. It was approximately 40 degrees and the radio was reporting the water temperature at 27 degrees. Mmmmm. After spending a little while roller coasting around at an amusement park on the way we arrived at the lake. We had a chilled-out afternoon there swimming in the deliciously warm water and snoozing. Very nice.

The heat continued into the night and it remained in the high twenties.

Edit by the lake (Lake Belaton, Hungary) resize Edit 4 (Lake Belaton, Hungary) resize

Above: Edit beside Lake Balaton.

Boat on the lake (Lake Belaton) resize Cris plays in the fountain (Lake Belaton, Hungary) resize

Above left: A boat on Lake Balaton. Above right: Getting wet in a fountain by the lake.

Two hands (Lake Belaton, Hungary) resize Cris and hand (Lake Belaton, Hungary) resize

Above: Two hands at Lake Balaton.

Edit eats her langos (Lake Belaton, Hungary) resize Cris with tasty morcel (Lake Belaton, Hungary) resize

Above left: Edit nibbles on a cheesy Hungarian treat, a langos. Above right: We walked along the side of the lake after swimming.  I have a perec in my hand.

Some mighty good English (Hungary) resize Cris is very proud of his wheels (Lake Belaton, Hungary) resize

Above left: Creative use of the English language. Above right: I found a car for me parked near the lake.

A short run

Mark and I took the metro line out to the island and went for a short run along it and back to our abode. I geeked for a while after that and caught up with Mark and Sylvia in the afternoon in the hills across the river in Buda. We went out to a funky bar in the evening with Phil and met some more Kiwis and other international types. It was a very funky arty bar. I’d show you pictures but they’re all rubbish ’cause it was too dark. I need a nice quick fixed focus lens…

Walking around Budapest

Mark, Sylvia, and I went for a stroll around Budapest from our spot at the Aquarium Hostel. It was a fairly undirected ramble and it was very odd seeing some of the same sights that Gina and I had seen three years ago.

Classy horses (Budapest, Hungary) resize Roof (Budapest, Hungary) resize

Above: The familiar sights of Budapest! Horses at Heros’ Square and the roof at the bath houses both looking very similar to three years ago. I think I took better photos the first time round…

In the evening we walked over to meet another Kiwi. He’s Sylvia’s friend -of-a-friend making him my friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend. He also turns out to be a couch surfer. He’s Phil from Auckland and is a very friendly guy, naturally, being a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend. He came down to let us into his flat, wearing a black singlet, with his Kiwi accent firing on all cylinders. Wooo. We went out with him in the evening to a bar and met some other Kiwis. The deal is that they’re all teaching English here in Budapest.

Fatty Hungarian dish (Budapest, Hungary) resize Kiwis unite (Budapest, Hungary) resize

Above left: Mark offers a fatty treat purchased from a little shop. Is this the equivalent of Kiwi fish and chips? These little numbers are large blobs of deep-fried dough smothered in tomato bolognese and cheese. Heart attack anyone? Above right: The Kiwis unite. From left to right: James, Phil our host, Aimee from Oxford, some weird guy from Christchurch, Mark (the) Hooker. Photo by Sylvia.

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