We had a day of domestic activities in Codlea with washing and what-not. Sylvia has been recovering from an attack of bed bugs sustained during the last night we spent at the hostel. Also, Mark has been back to his old tricks and has been elbowing her in the face during the night. Tough love, I suppose. Anyway, we spent a lazy day around the apartment until the afternoon when Mark and I headed to Brasov to seek information regarding trains/buses. We both failed to find out what we were after and met each other again later in the square. A couple of hours were spent geeking at the Mc Donald’s hot-spot in the centre of Brasov.

We met Raluca after she had finished being shouted at by her driving instructor and abused by Romanian drivers. We ate out at a restaurant. Our cunning plan had been to shout Raluca dinner as she has been very generous over the last few days but unfortunately she only wanted a lemonade. We’ll have to come up with another devious thank-you-saying plan.

Brasov in big lights 2 (Brasov) resize Raluca and Mark (Brasov) resize

Above left: The Brasov sign glowing in the night. Above right: Raluca and Mark walking through Brasov.

Couch surfing must be reasonably big in Brasov as we were approached by a guy in the square looking for couch surfers and later on at the restaurant I was asked whether I was couch surfing. Maybe we are walking around with big signs saying tourists above our heads. Who knows?

Mark at the fountain (Brasov) resize

Above: Mark at the fountain in the square.

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