Hochseilgarten Ausbildung

I spent the last week doing a high-ropes training course so that I can work for Faszinatour and Kiwi-Connection through the summer. We had a great team of 11 trainee guides and two great trainers. We learned a range of things including how to get clients safely onto the course, move them around, and get them down again. We used the flying fox park and learned how to rescue people and lower them to the ground. Here are a few pictures.

Happy Hochseilgarteners (Bolsterlang) resize Miki lowers me (HSG Bolsterlang, Germany) resize

Above left: A family photo. From left to right are our two trainers Benno and Heike then we have Julia, Diana, Anne, Knobi, Emily, Wendy, Jörg, and Miki. Crouching are Cihan, Johanna, and I.

Above right: Miki lowers me from a platform in the flying fox park.

Boys and girls (HSG Bolsterlang, Germany) resize Awesome power (HSG Bolsterlang, Germany) resize

Above left: Randomness. Who knows what was happening here. Above right: Team Johanna, Jörg, Diana, Emy, and Knobi. Unstoppable.

Below: Knobi clips a carabiner during a rescue training exercise.

Knobi working (HSG Bolsterlang, Germany) resize