Day 2 – Santa Barbara

The ride today started with a very steep section for about 700 vertical metres on a tiny little sealed road. We made a wrong turn at some point in a hurry to avoid ravenous horse flies and ended up in a little village high in the hills (Santa Barbara). We ate lunch and pondered what to do. Back down a few hundred metres we rode, along the same little track through the forest. We headed up again and after another hour and then followed a gravel road along the side of the hills and then headed down a delicious forested track. Steep and earthy to begin with and then a river of smooth rocks later on.

View out across the lake 2 (Lago di Garda) resize Cris on mountain bike (Lago di Garda) resize Frauke descending on a trail 2 (Lago di Garda) resize

Above Left: View early on back towards Lago di Garda. Above Middle, Right: Riding.

Dandelion (Lago di Garda) resize View down valley towards lake (Lago di Garda) resize

Above Left: The grass was green, the air was fresh. Above right: Looking back down the valley to Lago di Garda from the side of the hills.

Below Left: We investigated a rock climbing crag at the bottom of our descent. There’s a lot of climbing to be done in the area. Below Right: Standing by a tree near our campsite in the evening.

Frauke pushing bike (Lago di Garda) resize Cris under tree (Lago di Garda) resize

Day 2 Time 4:30:53 Dst 44.56 km Avg 10.15 km/h Max 46.07 km/h

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