Ski Tours

I spent Christmas in Allgaeu. The festivities involved going ski touring, going ski touring, and going ski touring. For variety we also went climbing. An ideal Christmas one might say.

Ski touring in the dark (Allgaeu, Germany) resize Cris by the xmas tree (Allgaeu, Germany) resize

Above: Touring on Christmas Eve. We headed up from Nesselwang on the piste to the top of the field. Frauke lagged behind as she was cunningly decorating a tree with Christmas decorations. On our descent she revealed her master piece. We supped glühwein and ate frozen gingerbread before skiing down with head-lamps blazing.

Below: Setting out on a tour. Waltraud came along and so did Frauke’s brother Flo and friend Dirk(y).

Leaving for a tour (Ski touring Allgaeu) resize Us at the top (Ski touring Allgaeu) resize

Ski touring and Langlaufen

Frauke was here for the weekend and we went ski touring on Saturday with Julian, Waltraud and co. We ended up onto the side of Feldberg. The snow was nice and powdery and for once I could ski without falling over every few seconds. It was overcast for most of the tour but the sun popped out from under the cloud on our final descent and there was an awesome sunset.

Frauke on skis (Ski Touring, Schwarzwald, Germany) resize Frauke under a tree (Ski Touring, Schwarzwald, Germany) resize

Above left: Frauke ski touring in the overcast dinge. Above right: Frauke takes cover under a snow covered tree at the turn around point of the tour.

Skiers (Ski Touring, Schwarzwald, Germany) resize Heading down (Ski Touring, Schwarzwald, Germany) resize

Above left: Our group of skiers. Above right: The final descent.

Sunset (Ski Touring, Schwarzwald, Germany) resize Skiing down the access road (Ski Touring, Schwarzwald, Germany) resize

Above left: The sunset during our last descent. The sun came out from under the clouds and turned the sky pink. Above right: Skiing down the access road towards the car.

Above: Ski touring in high wind. Below: The final descent.

In the evening we had Feuerzangenbowle at Julian’s and watched the film with the same name (a German tradition). Feuerzangenbowle is a sugary mulled wine and rum concoction which is lit on fire to caramelise the sugar and add to the goodness.

Feuerzangenbowle at Julian and Jana's resize

Above: Jana lights the sugar cone on fire after covering it in rum as Waltraud looks on.

Frauke bought me langlauf skis for my birthday, which I tried out on Sunday on the Shauinsland trail above Freiburg. I was quite hopeless. Still I guess I’ll get better at it.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Walter and Alex, our resident Americans, organised a Thanksgiving dinner. We created traditional Thanksgiving dishes and they supplied one extremely large turkey. Food was eaten and the wine did flow. A very good evening.

Preparing to cut the bird (Thanksgiving Dinner, Freiburg) resize Preparing to cut the bird 2 (Thanksgiving Dinner, Freiburg) resize Conversation (Thanksgiving Dinner, Freiburg) resize

Above left: Walter and Alex discuss turkey cutting techniques. Above middle: Walter poised to make the first cut. Above right: Shady characters discussing MRI (most likely).

Below: Cheers.

Cheers (Thanksgiving Dinner, Freiburg) resize