Cross country skiing in the Black Forest

We had two days of cross country skiing this weekend in the Black Forest near Freiburg. On Saturday Frauke, Julian, Benni, and I did the Stübenwasenspur part of the Notschrei Loipe. I was pretty slow and so decided to take a short cut. The weather was awesome. Blue sky, white snow. Freiburg was swallowed in murk below us in the valley. Julian and Benni hadn’t had enough so headed out to do the Shauinsland loop across the road. Frauke and I returned to Freiburg.

In the afternoon we went climbing indoors and spent the evening with Oli, Simone, Julian, and Jana at Oli’s flat eating delicious thai curry. Yum yum.

On Sunday we ruled out mountain biking in the murky mist and instead skied part of the same route, this time with Jakob. I was much faster than on Saturday. Was it my freshly waxed skis or am I improving?

My GPS tells me the route was 11.8 km and that it took 1h 12m to do (9.8 km/h). The route is below.

Stübenwasenspur langlaufen (Freiburg, Germany)_web[maptype=G_HYBRID_TYPE]

And here’s me trying not to fall over:


Brrr, I haven’t been so cold for a long time. I’ve just got back from riding in the Black Forest with Julian, Jakob, Nico, Steffi, and Sebastian. It was a few degrees below zero and there was a light dusting of snow on the ground in the forest. The advantage was that the mud was frozen solid which made for easier riding and I was happy not to have to clean my bike after the ride.

We went for a cruise towards Rosskopf and then veered off to the right and ended up next to the Dreisam. Below is a map of where we went.

MTB Black Forest (Freiburg, Germany)_web[maptype=G_HYBRID_TYPE]

MTBers in the black forest (Freiburg, Germany) resize Jakob and Julian biking in the black forest (Freiburg, Germany) resize

Above left: Keen mountain bikers in the Black Forest. Above right: Julian and Jakob riding in the snow.