Ride to Tuniberg

It was a warm Autumn day perfect for a little cycling mission. As it turns out that mountain biking is a dangerous sport, Anna and I opted to go road cycling. We cruised out to Tuniberg and back to Freiburg.

Tuniberg – Time: 02:39:19 Dst: 64.12 km Avg: 24.15 km/h Max: 48.42 km/h Avg cad.: 71

Anna and Cris riding near Tuniberg (Freiburg, Germany) resize

Above: Cyclilng with Anna near Tuniberg on a warm Autumn’s day.

SC Kandel Cup

The last race for the season, perhaps. I headed out with Florian and a bunch from RIG Freiburg. The race in question was a 11 km mountain bike hill climb (approx. 11.5 km, 800 m climb). I felt a little out of place as I positioned my sturdy full-suspension bike next to a line of carbon hard-tails. The race went alright. I managed to hold the first female at bay… just… Pahhh, carbon hard tail.

After invoking the ancient art of “kaffee und kuchen” we rode back to Freiburg by the Kandel höhenweg.

Cris after the SC Kandel MTB Hill climb (Freiburg) resize

Above: After the hill climb race.

SC Kandel MTB hill climb – Time: 0:56:28 Dst: 10.62 Avg: 11.5 km/h Max: 56.93 km/h

Off to the Czech Republic for beer

I spent the long weekend with Brendanas riding bicycles. Here’s how it went.

Day 1 – Saturday 1/10/2011 – Regensburg to Waldmünchen

I got up at the happy hour of 4:45 am and headed down to the train station and caught the first train to Regensburg where I met one Brendanas Hollandas. He was, as is typical, fairly disorganised which was fantastic as it matched myself perfectly. We decided a map wouldn’t be bad and found one that covered the surroundings and a bit of the Czech Republic.

Brendan’s plan was to cycle to Pilsen in the Czech Republic to drink a beer. What? Surely the German’s can brew beer too, I hear you say… Well yes, but Pilsen is where pils beer comes from. So we set off early-ish afternoon in the warm Autumn sun. We headed up the river and weaved our way into the hills and over to Waldmünchen arriving in the evening. We stayed in a hostel and dined at the local pizzeria. I had a radler…

Big pack Brendanas (Regensburg, Germany) resize Brendan and Cris heading towards Waldmünchen (Germany) resize

Above left: Brendan clips his heffalump bag onto his bike before leaving. Above right: Shadows riding towards Waldmünchen in the late afternoon.

Riding in the evening (near Waldmünchen, Germany) resize View from the Hostel (Waldmünchen, Germany) resize

Above left: Brendan and I riding as dusk fell. Above right: View from the door of the hostel in Waldmünchen.

Regensburg to Waldmünchen – Time: 3:56:56 Dst: 92.28 km Avg: 23.37 km/h Max: 73.83 km/h Avg cad: 71 rpm


Day 2 – Sunday 2/10/2011 – Waldmünchen to Pilsen, Czech Republic

We set off in the morning sun and reached the border about 20 minutes later. Brendan invoked the time-honoured tradition of playing the border game. The first section in Czech was all up hill but luckily that was followed by all downhill and then a couple of hours of all flat. We arrived in Pilsen and found a hostel. Then we were off to drink some beer in the warm afternoon.

Brendan at the Czech border (Germany) resize

Above: Brendanas standing at the Czech border. Below: Brendanas plays a quick round of the border game.


Brendan and the golden whatsit (Pilsen, Czech Republic) resize

Above: Brendanas in Pilsen with his golden whatsit.

Mission accomplished 2 (Pilsen, Czech Republic) resize Mission accomplished (Pilsen, Czech Republic) resize

Above: Beer being consumed by Kiwis.

Waldmünchen to Pilsen – Time: 2:53:13 Dst: 77.23 km Avg: 26.75 km/h Max: 59.64 km/h Avg cad: 73


Day 3 – Monday 2/10/2011 – Pilsen to Regensburg, Germany

We grabbed some goodies from a bakery for breakfast and started the ride back to Regensburg. We took a different route with somewhat less climbing this time. It was still rather nice with some very nice roads and radwegs. The last 20 km was downhill along a cycle path through forest. Very nice.

Above: Leaving the youth hostel in Pilsen.

Cris riding (Germany) resize

Above: Cris riding towards Regensburg.

Above: Cycling along a cycle way towards Regensburg.

Pilsen to Regensburg – Time: 5:59:22 Dst: 157.69 km Avg: 26.33 km/h Max: 65.19 km/h Avg cad: 74


Cycling to Pilsen, Czech Republic_web[maptype=G_HYBRID_TYPE]

Above: A cunning little map of our route over the three days.

Regensburg cathedral and danube river (Regensburg, Germany) 1 resize

Above: I stayed another day in Regensburg before heading off to a conference in Leipzig. Here’s a nice sunset I snapped while riding around on Tuesday evening.