Herzogenhorn (Nico’s Abschied)

Nico, Philipp, Oli, and I headed out to Feldberg by train early in the morning. It snowed during the journey. We headed off from the Grafenmatt lift up Herzogenhorn. Unlike last time we also headed in the right direction. It was misty and not ideal weather but despite this we still had an enjoyable day trudging around. Oli headed off home in the evening and after briefly having my skis stolen we met up with Hans and got a lift up to the Bergwacht (mountain rescue) hut with an obliging pistenbully driver. We spent the night there in the cosy hut eating homemade hamburgers and playing cards.

Skiing and boarding in the mist (Herzogenhorn skitour) resize Skitouring (Herzogenhorn skitour) resize

Above left: Descending in mist. Above right. Touring in mist.

Ascending (Herzogenhorn skitour) resize Arriving at the bergwacht hut (Feldberg) resize

Above left: Oli lugging his snow board up the hill. Above right: Traveling in style. We were dropped at the mountain rescue hut by the pistenbully driver.

Nico cooking (Bergwacht hut, Feldberg) resize

Above left: It was hamburgers for tea. Here Nico the head chef prepares the food.

Dinner (Bergwacht hut, Feldberg) resize

Above: Dinner time in the mountain rescue hut.

Above: Skiing down from Herzogenhorn through trees with Oli.


We spent Sunday skiing at the Feldberg ski-field. I hired some regular downhill skis for the day.

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