Cycle touring in the Black Forest

On Friday evening after some lengthy packing Leonie and I had two laden touring bikes. We headed off in the evening heat bound for somewhere around Waldkirch. After a nice little cruise we arrived at somewhere around Waldkirch and camped the night at a camping ground “Etztalblick”.

On Saturday we headed up the valley and over a little pass on a mix of roads, cycle ways, and unsealed tracks to Haslach im Breisgau where we found a delicious ice cream store. We consumed delicious ice creams and then continued on towards Triberg. On our way we were tricked by tricksy cycle path signs. We ended taking a “short cut” which lead us up a very steep road (16 %) into the hills. After much slogging we decided to camp the night and found a little patch of meadow suitably close to the forest as to not awaken the wrath of any farmer.

The weather continued to be good to us on Sunday and we continued on our way back towards Freiburg. We had a premium descent down to Simonswald which was a definite highlight of the trip. After determining that the ice cream in Waldkirch wasn’t up to Haslach standards we rode back to Freiburg in the hot high-twenties evening.

Leonie near the camp (Cycle touring Schwarzwald) resize Heidburg pass (Cycle touring Schwarzwald) resize

Above left: Leonie nears our camp ground close to Waldkirch on Friday evening. Above right: Our first pass on Saturday. Ok, it’s just a little one.

Leonie in field (Cycle touring Schwarzwald) resize Camping 2 (Cycle touring Schwarzwald) resize

Above left: Leonie at our camp site in a meadow in the Black Forest. Above right: At our camp in the Black Forest.

Cris and Leonie next to waterfall (Cycle touring Schwarzwald) resize Leonie in front of lame waterfall (Cycle touring Schwarzwald) resize

Above: On Sunday, on our way back we foolishly visited “Germany’s longest waterfall”. It’s all lies. It’s a whole bunch of little waterfalls and unlikely actually the biggest waterfall in Germany. I’m sure you could find longer ones in Allgaeu. Still it was working wonders on the tourists. Ugghhh.

Listening to the sound of flat (Cycle touring Schwarzwald) resize Leonie in Haslach (Cycle touring Schwarzwald) resize Leonie on tour (Cycle touring Schwarzwald) resize

Above left: The ancient art of puncture repair. One must establish a rapport with the tube. Above middle: Leonie rides into Haslach im Breisgau. Above right: Leonie on her steed.

Leonie, and Cris with ice cream (Cycle touring Schwarzwald) resize

Above: Ice creams in Haslach im Breisgau.

Cris the cycle tourist (Cycle touring Schwarzwald) resize Cous cous for dinner (Cycle touring Schwarzwald) resize

Above left: Cris kitted out in full hard-out cycle tourist attire. Above right: Dinner. Cous cous is quick to prepare and can sometimes (if you squint your tastebuds) be a tasty treat.

Distance: Approx 160 km. GPS track: Vanished after my GPS died during the trip.

Bonfires and cycling in Allgaeu

I headed over to Allgaeu on Thursday. By leaving on Thursday I made use of one of the finest German inventions, i.e., the Bruecken Tag. That’s the day that falls between a public holiday and the weekend. Fine German engineering that is…

I met Katha in Kempten and cycled up to a little BBQ spot just out of town where we BBQed with her friends before moving to a little hut in the forest that they had rented. We had a bon fire in the evening and spent the time chatting and listening to fine chilled trance and house sounds.

On Saturday afternoon I cruised off to Untermaiselstein and caught up with Deidre there.

Sunday was spent cycling. I headed off and rode the same route that Frauke and I rode a couple of years ago, Nesselwang, Pfronten, Reute, Tannheimertal, Oberjoch etc. It was very nice weather for riding. A good ride.

In the evening it was back to catch up with Katha at the hut. We celebrated her Birthday at midnight and I crawled under a table to sleep in the not so wee hours of the morning. At 8 am it was off to catch a train back to Freiburg. I rode through Kempten and had a nice ride down to Wangen, which although is named Wangen in Allgaeu is in Baden Wuertemburg and therefore the Baden Wuertemburg all-you-can-eat train ticket is valid there. Whoope.

A train ride back to Freiburg followed by a nice mountain bike ride with Leonie up to Rosskopf and then around the back and down and out near Gundelfingen.

The hut in Kemptenerwald (Kempten)-small Bonfire (Kempten)-small

Above: At the hut in the Kempten Forest.

Off riding (Austria)-small Climbing to Tannheimer Tal (Austria)-small

Above: Riding in Austria.

Sweltering in Singapore

Michael and I spent a day in Singapore on our way back to Germany. It was a toasty 30 degrees-ish and very humid. We spent the day wandering around being tourists. By chance we had stayed the night in the same hostel as I had stayed in in 2009, “The InnCrowd”.

Eating (Singapore) resize Scraping the sky (Singapore) resize

Above left: Eating. Above right: Some skyscrapers.

Leaving (Singapore) resize Is it a boat or a hotel- (Singapore) resize

Above left: Leaving Singapore. Above right: A hotel that thinks it is a boat.