Twalk 2012

I headed out for a leg of TWALK with Ed, Abbie, Clare, and Alex. This year’s event was around the Lake Colleridge area. The weather was fantastic. We left the low hanging cloud over the Canterbury Plains and entered the sunshine as we drove over Porters Pass. It was a nice warm day for trapsing through the hills and that’s what we did. Chris’ ‘social team’ won the event which I guess isn’t too surprising. I just did the first leg before getting a ride back to Christchurch to pack to leave for Australia.

At the start line (TWALK 2012) resize The fairies (TWALK 2012) resize

Above left: Keen Twalkers wait to start. Above right: Greig, Georgia, and co are fairies.

Donuts (TWALK 2012) resize Keen postie (TWALK 2012) resize

Above left: There were some donuts that were keen to come along. Above right: A team of keen posties were also there.

Steve in the lake (TWALK 2012) resize Twalking (TWALK 2012) resize

Above left: Steve goes looking for the control on the side of the lake. Above right: Random wandering.

Cris in bog 2 (TWALK 2012) resize Jamie and Penny (TWALK 2012) resize

Above left: My fashinable wig. Above right: Jamie and Penny at the start.

Descending (TWALK 2012) resize

Above: Descending via some scree.