Bonfires and cycling in Allgaeu

I headed over to Allgaeu on Thursday. By leaving on Thursday I made use of one of the finest German inventions, i.e., the Bruecken Tag. That’s the day that falls between a public holiday and the weekend. Fine German engineering that is…

I met Katha in Kempten and cycled up to a little BBQ spot just out of town where we BBQed with her friends before moving to a little hut in the forest that they had rented. We had a bon fire in the evening and spent the time chatting and listening to fine chilled trance and house sounds.

On Saturday afternoon I cruised off to Untermaiselstein and caught up with Deidre there.

Sunday was spent cycling. I headed off and rode the same route that Frauke and I rode a couple of years ago, Nesselwang, Pfronten, Reute, Tannheimertal, Oberjoch etc. It was very nice weather for riding. A good ride.

In the evening it was back to catch up with Katha at the hut. We celebrated her Birthday at midnight and I crawled under a table to sleep in the not so wee hours of the morning. At 8 am it was off to catch a train back to Freiburg. I rode through Kempten and had a nice ride down to Wangen, which although is named Wangen in Allgaeu is in Baden Wuertemburg and therefore the Baden Wuertemburg all-you-can-eat train ticket is valid there. Whoope.

A train ride back to Freiburg followed by a nice mountain bike ride with Leonie up to Rosskopf and then around the back and down and out near Gundelfingen.

The hut in Kemptenerwald (Kempten)-small Bonfire (Kempten)-small

Above: At the hut in the Kempten Forest.

Off riding (Austria)-small Climbing to Tannheimer Tal (Austria)-small

Above: Riding in Austria.