Corsica Day 8

We headed off from our camp site in Vivario in the morning at the lazy hour of 10. The plan was to do a loop that involved a variant route of the GR20 and walk part of the GR20 too. We wombled slowly up the track towards Mt D  Oro. It was another mostly sunny day but a bit cool further up. As usual the sides of the track were inhabited by lizards but today we were also treated to chives. Lots of them growing in patches, and what seemed to be thyme.

We left the forest ascending above the tree line and carried on until we were confronted with snow. Snowwww. Snow in Corsica. What? We picked our way through the snow and up a steep crumbly section to a grassy patch where we hungrily consumed our cous cous snacks. Then it was onwards to the summit. It was reasonably cold and quite foggy which made me a little apprehensive about navigation but there were plenty of yellow markers painted onto the rocks.

We spent some hours descending from the summit and heading the rest of the way around our loop. The descent was partially next to a nice river with rock pools. By this time it was already evening so we skipped swimming and hurried back to the car.

We then drove to Corte and camped the night there.

Breakfast time (Corsica)Walking (Corsica 2014)Leonie walking with mist behind (Corsica 2014)On the summit of Monte d'Oru (Corsica 2014)Cris (Corsica 2014)Rocks (Corsica 2014)

1) A make shift table made a good place for breakfast.

2) The sun was out to begin with.

3) The sun was gone and we found ourselves in patches of mist.

4) It was a bit scrambly in parts but we made it to the summit. The mist swirled around in parts and then vanished again.

5) On the way down.

6) We walked back down. On the way we met a Norwegian family who were visiting and chatted to them for a while.

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